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LC9 Long Block Engine
  • LC9 Long Block Engine
  • LC9 5.3 Vortec Long Block Crate Engine Sale
  • Rebuilt LC9 Engine
  • Rebuilt LC9 Long Block

LC9 5.3 Vortec Long Block Crate Engine Sale

Chevy 5.3 liter 325 LC9 Vortec Long Block Crate Engine Sale is here! The LC9 and LH6 are the only 325 engines out of the series that have a Flex-Fuel aluminum block. This 5.3L can be found in Chevy and GM trucks and SUVs from 2006 to 2009. Don't get stuck with a rebuilt LC9 that can be prone to failure. Building a 325 long block takes some serious know how. Our engines are completely remanufactured with upgraded components that have been specifically designed to extend the life of a 5.3 liter engine.

VIN Compatibility 8th digit: 3

This engine uses LM7 lifters so customers would need to delete the DOD (Displacement On Demand).

Core Deposit: $700.00

Note: Please CALL before completing your order to receive a shipping quote, verify vehicle info, confirm a core deposit and details. 1-888-995-7278
$3,195.00 Save $800.00 $3,995.00
Tax excluded Delivery: 1 to 3 weeks
Vehicle Year
8th Digit of VIN






Our precision remanufactured LC9 block

Every LC9 block must pass our magnaflux inspection designed detect any microscopic flaws or cracking. Blocks are then thermal cleaned followed by steel micro blasting until they achieve a brilliant appearance. Once a block is fully cleaned, we begin our precision boring and honing process. Using a carbon two-stage power hone we can maximize the sealed area and ensure to precisely meet the recommended RMA readings. Computerized micrometers are used to resize rods with strict accordance to factory recommendations. Crankshaft's are precision cut and micro polished to achieve a 12 RMA reading or better.

Custom long block assembly

We meticulously mill each Cylinder Head until perfect alignment and sealing of the head gasket is achieved. Our Cylinder Heads are assembled using a new valve stem and seals that feature the latest in high temperature technologies increasing heat resistance and longevity. These polished Cylinder Heads are pressure tested using magnetic detection to eliminate the chance of cracks or flaws unseen by the human eye. Before each head is mated their block using the correct torque valve we vacuum test all seals for proper seating. Triple angled cutters are used to machine the valve seats ensuring proper pressures and flow. All valves, valve springs and valve guides must pass our stringent process of meeting and exceeding OEM specifications. O.H.C. Heads are aligned for proper bore consistency. Every remanufactured long block has been specifically engineered to help improve the inherent flaws and failure points that can be found in many of today's engines.

Rebuilt LC9 Long Block

Product Details

Data sheet

Core Deposit
Included With Long Block Engine
Completely remanufactured Short Block, High Temp Cylinder Heads, New Oil Pump or Oil Pump Kit, Gaskets, Lifters, Rods and Pistons. Timing cover and oil pan not included.
What Is XP1
Far from just being rebuilt, the Xtreme Performance series 1 is an OEM replacement that has been fully remanufactured with upgraded parts that have been designed to increase performance, reliability and longevity.
Alternate Names
325, LC9, 5300, Vortec
Production Years Covered
2006, 2007, 2008, 2009
ADAPT (Advanced Dyno And Performance Testing) Our highest level of testing
Compatible Models
Chevrolet Avalanche, Tahoe, Suburban, Silverado, GMC Sierra, Yukon XL and More
Original Manufacturer
Chevrolet GM
Build Type
Performance Grade remanufactured, not rebuilt
DOD Aluminum Block
Cubic Inches
8th Digit Of VIN Compatibility
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