Request for core pick up

Step 1.

Look to see if your part came with a prepaid shipping form called a "Bill of Lading" either with your paperwork or fastened to the outside of the container. Most manual transmissions will include a "Bill of Lading", most automatic transmissions, transfer cases and engines will not.

Step 2. With Bill of Lading

If you have located a "Bill of Lading" do not fill out the form on this page. Call the shipping company directly from the number that is listed on the "Bill of Lading". Tell the operator that you have a core to be picked up and a "Bill of Lading" to cover the shipment. Be sure to present the "Bill of Lading" to the driver along with the part when they arrive.

Step 2. No Bill of Lading

Once your core has been properly packaged and is ready for pick up, fill out the form on this page to submit a request.

Step 3. No Bill of Lading

When filling out the pick up request, be sure to include either an email address or fax number so we can send you a prepaid shipping form. Keep this shipping form with the part and present it to the driver along with your core when the shipping company arrives.

Fill out form and allow 1-3 business days for the shipping company to arrive

Select the type of cord that will be picked up

Will the pick up be at the same address the part was delivered to

Specific name of the part you will be returning as a core

commercial or residential address

Company your core is to be picked up at (optional)

Customers first name

Customers last name

Customers phone number

We will send your prepaid shipping form to this fax number (email or fax required)

Phone number of the company the core will be picked up from (optional)

We will send your prepaid shipping form to this email (email or fax required)

Additional information you would like to include (optional)