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This product is sold at a price based on a rebuildable core being returned to us. The recycled metals and components can assist the manufacturing process keeping our prices to an all time low. This temporary deposit is withheld to ensure that we receive your damaged unit.

How is the core deposit charged?

How is the core deposit charged? At the time of purchase the core deposit will be added to the customers total. Once the core is received and processed at our facility, the deposit will then be issued back to the customer.

How long do I have to return my core?

To receive a full deposit your core must be received within 30 days after the delivery of your part. Late fees may be assessed to cores that are returned beyond 30 days from the customers original purchase date. Any extensions must be proved by a sales manager.

Refund Time.

Orders are typically refunded back onto the credit card within 1-3 weeks after the core arrives. Check orders will be mailed back. Call to verify arrival if you have not been refunded within your 3 week window.

How do I return the core?

In most situations your unit will be delivered with a shipping form called the “Bill of Lading”. You or your shop can send the core back with the delivery driver or at a later date by calling the shipping company to schedule a pickup. Be sure to use our shipping form or the shipping company may bill you personally. If your form has been lost or misplaced you will have to call our shipping department to generate a replacement.

Bad or missing core?

If there is no core to exchange, in most cases we can just add the deposit amount to the purchase price. In addition, you will only be required to pay the one way shipping fee. In the rare case that our stock becomes low on a certain core, we reserve the right not to sell the product to a customer that does not have a core.

Can I send my core first?

You can send us your core before we send out your unit. By doing this overall shipping may take longer but you will not be required to pay a core deposit just shipping and the price of your part.

Excessive Damage?

A core must be buildable to receive a full deposit. If you have any questions about acceptable core conditions, please call us at 1-888-995-7278.

Core Questions?

Please call us toll free so one of our experienced staff can answer any questions regarding your core deposit 1-888-995-7278.

Need to return your core?

Please click the link below to schedule a core pick up.

We buy cores!

Please We buy cores! Click here to see a list of which ones we are looking for.




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