We buy cores

How our core purchasing program works

In order to maximize our inventory, on occasions we are willing to purchase specific transfer case, engine and transmission cores from customers and vendors. Please do not contact us by phone use this form and be sure to include the most reasonable price you are willing to except for your core.

Please keep in mind that our core deposit price is not necessarily what we are willing to pay for a core. Our core deposit price has been established to ensure that our cores get returned. We also have to pay additional shipping charges When purchasing a core.

List of cores we are looking to purchase

  • Jeep AX15 Manual Transmission
  • Jeep AX5 Manual Transmission
  • Mustang T5 Manual Transmission
  • Mustang T45 Manual Transmission
  • Mustang TR3650 Manual Transmission
  • Dodge NV3500 Manual Transmission
  • Chevy NV3500 Manual Transmission

Please do not submit any core other than one that has been listed above.

Core criteria

We will not purchase a core that has a broken or cracked casing. If you know what caused the core to fail or break down please include that information with the form.

Name of actual part. Be sure your core is on our list.

How many of this core do you have?

Lowest the price you are willing to accept for your core.

Your contact email.

Your contact phone number

Postal code of where your core is located

Include if you know what caused this core to fail or break down.

Additional information you would like to include about this core