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42RLE Transmission Sale
  • 42RLE Transmission Sale
  • 42RLE Transmission

42RLE Transmission Sale

Our 42RLE transmission sale is here. The Chrysler Corporation built this 4 speed automatic for Jeep applications starting in 2000. As the 42RLE's popularity began to grow Dodge, Mitsubishi and Chrysler began to use this transmission in a wide variety of car, truck and SUV applications. A decade later the 42LE became well known for its versatility and also for its flaws. Some of the more apparent 42RLE problems come from the transmissions hard shifting issues, primarily between the first and second gears with the additional possibility of getting stuck in second. In certain situations it has even been known to randomly downshift with a lack of engagement.

The XP1 series is not just a rebuilt 42RLE. This OEM replacement transmission that has been completely remanufactured using updated parts designed to fix the many problems that have plagued this transmission. Every unit comes with a performance built lock up torque converter that improves balance, concentricity And efficiency. Our pumps, valve bodies, solenoids, and clutch packs are just some of the many upgrades we use to make our 42RLE the last one you will ever need.

Core Deposit: $500.00

Please CALL before completing your order to receive a shipping quote, verify vehicle info, confirm core details and deposit. 1-888-995-7278
$1,995.00 Save $800.00 $2,795.00
Tax excluded Delivery: 1 to 3 weeks
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Product Details

Data sheet

Core Deposit
Included Warranty
3 Year (Platinum Coverage)
What Is XP1
Far from just being rebuilt, the Xtreme Performance series 1 is an OEM replacement that has been fully remanufactured with upgraded parts that have been designed to increase performance, reliability and longevity.
Included Upgrades
Original Manufacturer Flaws and TSB Rectification, Shift Kits, Valve Bodies, Seal, Bearing, Clutch Packs, Bushings, Bands, Torque Signal Regulator and Boost Valve, Corrosion Resistance, TCC Valve and Regulator, Torque Converter and Much More
Transmission Type
4 Speed Automatic
Tail housing not included
Alternate Names
42LRE, 42LE
Build Certification
Original Manufacturer
Chrysler Corporation
ADAPT (Advanced Dyno And Performance Testing) Our highest level of testing
Torque Converter
Performance built lockup torque converter
Installation Notes
Quicklearn is required
Compatible Models
Mitsubishi Raider, Chrysler 300, Dodge Challenger, Charger, Magnum, Dakota, Durango, Nitro, Ram, Jeep Liberty, Wrangler and more
Build Type
Performance Grade remanufactured, not rebuilt
Fluid Fill Capacity
New product

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