Rebuilt Remanufactured Lexus transmissions for sale. All units are Dyno Tested and include a platinum warranty. All prices are currently marked down.

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U140E Transmission Sale


The U140E transmission sale is here. In the mid 90s Toyota built the U140E for use in vehicles like the Highlander, RAV4, Camry and Solara. This...

A750F Transmission Sale


Our A750F transmission sale has arrived. Most well known for its use in the 4Runner the A750F can be found in a handful of other Toyota, Lexus...

A650E Transmission Sale


Our A650E transmission sale is here. Toyota build the A650E in the mid 90's exclusively to be used in Lexus vehicles. This medium-duty automatic...

U140F Transmission Sale


The U140F transmission sale is here. In 2000 the Toyota Corporation built the first U140F for use in four and all wheel drive vehicles. This 4...

A541E Transmission Sale


The A541E transmission sale has begun. The Toyota Corporation built this 4 speed automatic in the early 90's. It was primarily used in the...

A750E Transmission Sale


Welcome to our A750E transmission sale. This 5 speed automatic transmission can be found in Toyota, Suzuki and Lexus vehicles throughout the...