Honda transmission sale

Honda Transmission Super Sale!

 We carry a full inventory of Honda Transmissions that have been recently marked down to an all-time low price. Each Transmission has been certified, Dyno tested and comes with a full Platinum  Warranty.

What transmission is in my Honda?

Easy, just give us a call. One of our trained representatives can help assist you in finding out what Honda transmission is in your vehicle. We have a large inventory of units from the early nineties to present day. Just be sure to have your vehicle's VIN or transmissions tag number handy when you call. 1-888-995-7278

Here are a few of the "B" series models that we carry: B0YA, B4RA, B7VA, B7WA, BAXA, BAYA, BCLA, BGRA, BMXA, BVGA and BYBA. We also have these the "M" series models M7ZA, MDKA, MDMA, MGFA, MGFA and MRVA.

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4L30E Transmission Sale
  • Reduced price

4L30E Transmission Sale

$2,395.00 $3,195.00

Our 4L30E transmission sale is going on now. This General Motors built 4-speed automatic was used in Acura, BMW, Cadillac, Honda and GM...