Daewoo transmission for sale.

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6T40 Transmission Sale
  • Reduced price

6T40 Transmission Sale

$2,195.00 $3,095.00

Our 6T40 transmission is on sale. This OEM replacement has been packed full of upgrades to increase its performance, torque handling and...

4T45E Transmission for Sale
  • Reduced price

4T40E / 4T45E Transmission...

$1,595.00 $2,395.00

The 4T40E, 4T45E transmission is on sale now! The 4T45E also called the 4T40E started its production by General Motors in the year 1995 and...

6T45E Transmission Sale
  • Reduced price

6T45 Transmission Sale

$2,095.00 $2,895.00

Our 6T45 transmission is now on sale. Every unit is completely remanufactured with the latest parts and technology to give you a 6T45 that will...