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We carry a full line of manual and automatic transmissions. The transmissions for sale include our high performance line for cars and our heavy duty series for pickup trucks and SUVs. At times our wholesale pricing has been known to beat the sale price of a used transmission. The discounted pricing that most transmission rebuilders give to shops and distributors we offer to the general public. This revolutionary way of pricing our transmissions has been created to even the playing field and allow the same savings to your everyday hobby or amateur mechanic that larger shops would receive. Don't hesitate to pick one up today these sale prices won't last long.

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42RLE Transmission Sale
  • Reduced price

42RLE Transmission Sale

$1,695.00 $2,495.00

Our 42RLE transmission sale is here. The Chrysler Corporation built this 4 speed automatic for Jeep applications starting in 2000. As the...

44RE Transmission Sale


The 44RE transmission is on sale now. Our certified build is special for the Dodge Dakota, Durango, Ram and Jeep Grand Cherokee. This beautiful...

46RH Transmission For Sale


We are featuring the 46RH transmission for sale, including all the upgrades, now at an all time low price. The 46rh was introduced to the market...

47RH Transmission Sale


We are now introducing the Torqueflite 47RH transmission for sale with all the upgrades at an all time low price. If you need performance and...

4F27E Transmission Sale


4F27E sale and transmission information. In the year 2000 Ford Motor Company built the first The 4F27E. Its simple 4 Speed with an overdrive...

4L30E Transmission Sale


Our 4L30E transmission sale is going on now. This General Motors built 4-speed automatic was used in Acura, BMW, Cadillac, Honda and GM...

4L60E Transmission Sale


A 4L60E transmission is a redesign of its predecessor the THM700. Our 4L60E transmission is for sale with all the bells and whistles. This is...

4L65E Transmission Sale


Our 4L65E transmission is now on sale. This precision remanufactured 4 speed automatic was originally manufactured by Turbo Hydramatic for use...