Transfer Cases

Here at Xtreme Performance we carry a wide variety of new and Remanufactured performance transfer cases. Every unit has been built with the finest parts. Each transfer case has been upgraded to ensure longevity under extended use and extreme conditions. We put every transfer case through a scrutinizing testing process that allows us to find and rectify any manufacturing flaws before shipment. When it comes to quality and value you won't find a better deal. Every transfer case is currently on sale at an all-time low price.

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NP246 Transfer Case Sale


Currently the NP246 transfer case for sale at an all-time low price. We meticulously designed each unit with upgraded parts to help withstand...

NP261 Transfer Case Sale


The NP261 transfer case sale is here. New Venture Gear which was formerly known as New Process Gear started their first production line of the...

NP231 Transfer Case Sale

From $695.00

The NP231 transfer case sale is going on now. New Process which is now known as New Venture Gear built the NP231D and NP231J the mid-80's for...

BW1356 Transfer Case Sale


Our BW1356 Transfer Case Sale is here. The BW1356 is one of Borg Warner's most popular cases. This transfer case was introduced to the market in...

BW4406 Transfer Case Sale

From $595.00

The BW4406 transfer case sale is here. The Borg Warner 4406 the market in 1997 and was used in the Ford Expedition, F150, F250, Lincoln Mark LT...

BW1354 Transfer Case Sale


Welcome to our BW1354 transfer case sale. Borg Warner built the BW1354 in the late 80's for use in light and medium duty pickups like the Ford...