List of products by brand New Venture Gear

Our company specializes in remanufacturing transmissions and transfer cases originally designed by new venture gear. We strictly adhere to the procedures and tolerances set forth by the original manufacturer.

The original manufacturer of these products is New Venture Gear, a division of  Magna Powertrain located in Syracuse New York and Muncie, Indiana. New venture gear was started in 1990 as a collaboration between GM and Chrysler specializing in light and heavy duty truck transmissions. Originally named New Process Gear they are most recently famous for they're Dodge Ram transmissions such as the NV4500 and the NV5600.

Dodge nv4500 Sale
  • Reduced price

Dodge NV4500 Sale

$1,995.00 $2,895.00

Our NV4500 transmission is on sale at last. Built to exceed the industry standards, this heavy duty workhorse is perfect for a replacement,...

GM Chevy NV3500...


Our Chevy NV3500 transmission is for sale at our lowest price yet. Every unit has been upgraded and tested to the max. The NV3500 which is also...

NP231 Transfer Case Sale

From $695.00

The NP231 transfer case sale is going on now. New Process which is now known as New Venture Gear built the NP231D and NP231J the mid-80's for...

NP246 Transfer Case Sale


Currently the NP246 transfer case for sale at an all-time low price. We meticulously designed each unit with upgraded parts to help withstand...

NP261 Transfer Case Sale


The NP261 transfer case sale is here. New Venture Gear which was formerly known as New Process Gear started their first production line of the...