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We are proud you say that every Allison transmission for sale on our website has been marked down to a price that is an all time low. Not only will you save money but you will receive the latest heavy duty upgrades keeping our Allison line ahead of the pack. Every Allison transmission that we sell has been pressure tested, inspected and comes with a unbeatable warranty.

What Allison Transmission Is In My Vehicle?

With such a large line of products many people ask themselves "what Allison transmission is in my vehicle"? The allison line covers buses, trucks, tractors, 18 wheelers, pickup trucks, commercial vehicles and more. There are over 60 different Allison transmissions that are currently in use today. Browsing a website you can see most transmissions that are still in popular usage. To find the exact application for your vehicle please call one of our experienced operators and have your vehicle information ready so we can tell you what Allison transmission is an exact fit for you.

A Brief Allison Transmission History

The Allison company started their transmission line in the 1940's. Their first line of transmissions to hit the market we're not for cars or trucks, they were built for the US military for use in their CD850 armoured tank line. Throughout the 1960's they began to make truck transmissions along with continuing to work on US military battle tanks. Through the 1980s and 1990s they began to focus more on transmissions for heavy duty vehicles. In 1999 the introduced the Allison 1000 and 2000 series transmissions. This soon became their most popular line and revolutionized the fleet industry.

To this day Allison is one of the most recognized names in the commercial trucking industry. We are proud to be a remanufacture of these fine products. We sell every rebuilt unit making sure to match and exceed the quality standards set forth by Allison transmission. We specialize in servicing a large variety of customers, from do it yourselfers to shops even fleet suppliers. Every unit has been marked down to below wholesale cost. This specialized pricing won't last long so be sure to pick one up before they are gone.

Allison 1000 Transmission For Sale
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Allison 1000 Transmission...

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For the first time are Allison 1000 transmission is for sale to the public at an all time low price. We carry almost all models including the...